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AOPA Induction Cooker

AOPA is the Professional Leader Brand and focused on One-Stop service of commercial intelligent Hot Pot Equipment such as hot pot induction cooker, BBQ grill, hot pot table, hot pot chair, hot pot stockpot, hot pot accessories and etc.
AOPA has a rich and long experience in R&D and innovation, the company has successively obtained multiple product patents, such as “hot pot table (combine hot pot induction cooker with table), portable hot pot table, and new type induction cooker ".
Induction cooker is one of the best product in AOPA, 10 years of manufacturing experience  and independent design team made a reliable quality assurance.

AOPA Inducton cooker also have some features:

High Quality Imported A-Grade Black Crystal Plate

- Strong magnetic and thermal conductivity, non-discoloring, non-yellowing, heat-resistant, explosion-proof, unbreakable, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, stylish and elegant (it can suffer high temperature of 650°C)

- Ultra-high hardness micro crystal plate is easy to clean, no residue.

Microcomputer Control

- Extra large memory CPU control chip , new power bridge rectifiers

- High pressure resistant Siemens IGBT ( Insulated Gate Bipolar Translator power tube),high efficiency electro-thermal conversion

- Original phase-shifted full-bridge circuit control and fuzzy logic computer control technology, the perfect realization of high-power sustained heating, high energy and low consume, quickly and efficiently

Pure Copper Coil Plate

- Pure copper coil electromagnetic heating technology, hollow winding design, rapid heating, high thermal efficiency, excellent heat dissipation, long service life

Brushless Cooling Fan

- Silent operation, Improve heat dissipation rate and efficiency, protect the internal important parts and avoid over-heating, extend the service life , make the cooker stable performance, achieve energy saving function

High Quality Own Design Special Mold Housing

- Adopt flame-retardant ABS engineering plastic for effectively maximizing heat dissipation ,waterproof, anti-insect, heat-resistant, more durable, safety and Eco-Friendly

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