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AOPA Korean Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill Equipment

Barbecue is very popular all over the world, not only the food become more delicious after barbecue, but also it can provide an environment for communicating with people, people can talk to each other during barbecue, people can play with each other during barbecue, what situation would you imagine when you hear about barbecue:

maybe this one:

maybe this one:

or maybe this one:

If I told you there is one situation needn't stand up , no smoke , don't warry about the charcoal burn out, but very healthy, would you like it?

Actually, this Korean smokelsess electric barbecue is become more and more popular! You can grill any kind of food just you like, the food grill by this equipment is very clean, hygienic and healthy, there is one important thing is there is no smoke to affect your talking during the dining time.

How can it make the somkeless dining environment?
Let me tell you the secret:

Is it the working principle very simple?
There are two advantages why AOPA professional design team develop this filter bag.
First, it is very easy to install, our customer needn't worry about how to install smoke exhaust pipe, this filter bag can replace the smoke exhaust pipe, also it is easy to exchange.
Second, using our filter bag will save much more money before your open a restaurant. Install smoke exhaust pipe you must raise the floor so that the pipe can through it under the floor, the decoration fee will cost much more than using filter bag.


If you need a grill table to match this very good electric grill, AOPA grill table is your best selection.

·Anti-slip tempered glass-Safety, high temperature resistance, surface abrasion resistance, scratch-resistant, acid and alkali, and easy to clean; BBQ grill and hot pot table with solid surface is non-toxic, inodorous and nonradiative, safe for food contact.

·Anti-slip galss is non porous. Stains will not seep into the surface.
·The color of the tabletop is optional, it heat absorption characteristics, can shorten the baking time and save energy costs;
·Durable frame and base, high strength is not easy to deformation, can ensure the stability of product quality. 
·Smokeless electric bbq grill- independent R&D industrial electric bbq grill and hot pot, high quality

·High temperture resistant, not out of shape,never rust and there are many colors to choose accroding your requirements,also the size of table can be design production according your demand.

The biggest advantage is we can customize your table, according to your size, material,shape, color and etc.

You may ask a question: These equipment have many functions does it safe for our customers?
Actually we have applied for the US ETL certification and successful pass the test of US ETL laboratory. 

What a amazing equipment for your business, no matter you want to open a restaurant or sales the equipment in your country, we can make it according to your request.
Contact me if you have any question.

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