AOPA ETL Cetification Smokeless Korean Electric BBQ Grill

Item No.: DT28ETL
Model: DT28
Size: 560*400*180 mm
Power: 2000 W
Smoke Removal: Downward exhaust
Control: Touch control


Features of AOPA ETL Cetification Smokeless Korean Electric BBQ Grill
1. Smokeless-- Downward discharge lampblack
2. Safety--Precision circuit protection, intelligent program protection, safe power protection, overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent triple defense, fault automatic detection. Ensure long working hours.
3. Industrial grade design, rapid heating.
4. Large capacity grill pan--Aluminum alloy material, excellent thermal conductivity, uniform heat, high temperature resistance; Non-stick Teflon surface coating, wear –resisting and environment protection; Eat healthy and rest assured use.Fully enclosed aluminum alloy high shaped heater has great heat conduction and thermal effect, the thermal effect up to more than 96%. Energy saving effect is obvious.
5. Convenient --304 stainless steel dismountable oil drip pan, made of the perfect industrial grade mold,40MM super deep; Corrosion resistant, against rust and easy to clean.
6. Tempered glass cover--heat-resistant, easy to clean, nonbreakable.
7. Intelligent electric ceramic plate heating-- microcomputer control thermal power, intelligent control temperature, the service life is longer, the quality is more stable.
8. Tempered glass LCD touch sensitive control panel--Humanized anti-scald design, waterproof and oil proof, temperature adjustment, convenient and safe, simple operation.
9. Unique design stainless steel housing, long service life.

● Easy to use: It is better than charcoal grill and gas stove as electric BBQ Grill is easy to use and manage for the waiters.
● Delicious and healthy: BBQ Grills don't produce cooking fumes. The food is authentic, delicious and healthy after cooking with the BBQ Grills
● Save cost: It can reduce the number of waiters when using the BBQ Grills.
● Clean and sanitary: BBQ Grill is easy to clear as it has no smoke and meat isn't easy to stick pan when it is working.
● Beautiful and generous: The appearance design of BBQ Grill is original and nice. Its embedded design is classical. The body and oil collection pan are pressed through pattern with material of the high-quality stainless steel.
●BBQ Grill has a separate control system: LCD display, it is more convenient and safe as you can control its temperature by yourself. 

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