AOPA Smokeless hot pot equipment for restaurant new update DG-WY8

Item No.: WY-DG8
Commercial Smokeless Electric Hot Pot Equipment


AOPA smokeless electric hot pot equipment for restaurant table- WYDG8:

1.Based on the principle of microaerodynamics, block the upward diffusion of oil smoke, Air negative pressure is used to generate suction around the pan ring, so that the lampblack enters the purification box, and the lampblack absorption rate is high.
2.Eight pipes start at the same time, strongsuction and instant smoke away. At the same time, effectively prevent theinhalation of garbage foreign bodies and so on.
3.The Integrated chimney cap is made of thickened stainless steel, which refuses to be welded, the structure is formed by seamless integration, and there is no need to worry about the displacement of the chimney cap.
4. According to the nature of air flow, the design of the stainless steel ornament around the inclined smoke suction hole.
5.Humanized buckle installation, alignment position, instantly easy to install.
6.It adopts 220v eddy current fan and wind guide, multi-windshield design, and with the underlying draught fan to ensure a quiet dining environment.
7.The suction force can be adjusted freely.
8.The filter equipment used three filters, large filtration area, after heavy filtration,effectively smoke away.
9.Activated carbon filtration: Compared with the chemical filtration on the market,the water filtration effect is more obvious, more safe and hygienic.
10.The strainer is equipped with a water pan, effectively catch water droplets generated by water vapor and prevent water droplets from causing slippery ground.
11.The principle of ultraviolet lamp sterilization is cited, double function of filtering and sterilizing, make diners feel more at ease.
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